2. #pussywolf tearing it up last night on Staten with #theratproblem


  3. Beep boop. #cardboard #robot


  4. The Rat Problem - The Last American Vermin

    plays: 29


    Here’s a track from our demo “tape,” Here Comes the Rat Problem. The song’s called The Last American Vermin. Was gonna explain what it’s about, but just listen!

    Hey guys; anyone who’s following me here should also follow my band, The Rat Problem, at http://theratproblem.tumblr.com/

    That blog will feature our punk rock sounds, occasional reblogs from bands we like, and drawings of rats also.


  5. theratproblem:

    Possible T-Shirt Design.

    T-Shirt design drawing I made for my band, The Rat Problem. 



  6. I designed the cover for this book! I neglected to post about it when it first came out, but better late than never! You should buy it and read it!

    It’s a fantasy story that involves ancient legends and lost languages, so I wanted the cover art to look like some ancient and mysterious artifact. I used corroded copper plate that I’d found discarded at a printmaking studio; I was blown away by how beautiful the patterns of corrosion on it were. I etched into the plate to get those shiny zigzags that evoke the titular lightning, and I painted the symbols on. Then I had it photographed, and did the requisite fiddling with levels, contrast, etc. in Photoshop; the title is added digitally.

    It’s my first book-cover gig — I’d love to do more in the future!


  7. More gifts. #christmas #giftwrap #wrappingpaper


  8. This year, consider wrapping with recycled, post-consumer, or reusable wrapping paper. #christmas #giftwrap #wrappingpaper


  9. Like building a ship. #cardboard #trashart


  10. Cardboard park. #cardboard #trashart