1. I designed the cover for this book by sci-fi author Jon Cann! You can see it about 1/3 of the way down the page… with the green glass etc. Check it out! 


  2. The Decline and Fall of Human Dignity I, 1st ed. linocut print on paper, 11” x 14”

    The Rat Problem will have these hand-made linocut prints for sale at our show at The Way Station tonight! I’m thinkin’ $5 a pop. This is a limited run of just ten; I’m going to number and label 'em as 'first edition,' because I plan to print more, but probably not with these colors. So this is the very limited, black and imperial purple, first edition! Our first real merch!


  3. Reversed text is always good for a laugh. #melborp


  4. When I was like 14 I bought this #lizprince #comic at Newbury Comics and it meant so much to me and today I met Liz Prince and she signed it in the best way possible. #preciousartifacts #prizedpossessions


  5. Carvin’. #linocut #printmaking #art #prints



  7. #pussywolf tearing it up last night on Staten with #theratproblem


  8. Beep boop. #cardboard #robot


  9. The Rat Problem - The Last American Vermin

    plays: 39


    Here’s a track from our demo “tape,” Here Comes the Rat Problem. The song’s called The Last American Vermin. Was gonna explain what it’s about, but just listen!

    Hey guys; anyone who’s following me here should also follow my band, The Rat Problem, at http://theratproblem.tumblr.com/

    That blog will feature our punk rock sounds, occasional reblogs from bands we like, and drawings of rats also.


  10. theratproblem:

    Possible T-Shirt Design.

    T-Shirt design drawing I made for my band, The Rat Problem.