1. Sarcophagus Relief: Rat Chariot. Pencil and colored pencil on colored paper.

    I went to the Met yesterday, spent almost 5 hours there, and only saw about half of the amazing Greek and Roman collection. I’ve been obsessed with Roman sarcophagi lately, and the Met has some doozies. This drawing is based on one whose picture won’t load on the Met site, so I can’t show you; but it has chariots pulled by all sorts of weird critters—so, rest assured, it is awesome. 

    I wanted this piece to look like sculpture in relief, like these sarcophagi, (Incidentally, sarcophagus means “flesh eater” due to the decay-accelerating properties of limestone, of which they were originally made…. Brings to mind all sorts of undead monsters and so forth.) so I tried to make the objects in the foreground look more three dimensional, or “in the round,” than those on receding planes, in addition to copying generally the style of depiction.