1. Punk with Rat. Pencil and colored pencil on colored paper.

    Something a little different. Ivy (NSFW, but check out the link, seriously.) is ill and couldn’t make it to Sunday Art-day, so I took on her usual task of drawing pretty girls. I read Gunter Grass’s The Rat a while ago, and there is a lot in there about how punks are the only group of people who ever really accepted rats, and how much the rats miss them when humans go extinct, etc. It’s a pretty top notch post-modern post-apocalypse. That’s where this is coming from.

    This is another quick one. I don’t love colored pencil (too waxy; makes it difficult to get a smooth tone) but I’ve done enough monochrome stuff lately, this colored paper doesn’t take wet media well, and, well, that mohawk needed to be colorful.

    Bigger drawing coming tomorrow!

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